biology training


No prerequisites
Duration: 2 academic semesters


We will start with a general understanding of the hierarchy and organization of the living organisms and the fundamental processes on which life on earth is built. We then will dive into the complex and fascinating world of cells and have a general overview of all the organelles as well as their structure and function. We will then proceed with fundamental biological processes that happen in the cell such as transcription and translation, gene expression/protein synthesis, cell division and cell-to-cell communication and transport. The course will be concluded by the two most important biochemical cascades: photosynthesis and ATP synthesis/oxidative phosphorylation.


Prerequisite: General Biology
Duration: 1 academic semester


This course provides fundamental understanding of Mendelian Genetics as well as some of the concepts of molecular genetics. We will start by an overview of how genetic material is stored in the cell, its compaction and gene expression. We will then explore how heredity works and some of the examples of Mendel’s experiments and hereditary laws. In the later stages of the course we will explore some of the molecular mechanisms that govern gene expression and hereditary traits.


No prerequisites
Duration: 1 academic semester


This course focuses on the physiological systems and processes in human body. We will explore the major systems: circulatory (cardiovascular), respiratory (lungs and respiratory tract), digestive (the GI tract and major glands), motor (skeletal muscles and bones), nervous system (brain and spinal cord, neurones and synapses), urinary system (kidneys) and endocrine system (glands and hormones). We will spend 1-2 weeks on each system.

Other than group predefined classes V Tutoring also provides individual biology classes based on your personal needs. Fore more information fill in the form and we’ll come back to you with the details.

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