chemistry classes


No prerequisite
Duration: 2 academic semesters


The course will start by exploring the world of the atom and its subparticles, matter, its phases and qualitative properties as well as the fundamental laws of physics and chemistry. We will then explore the periodic table and its trends, the categories of elements, the chemical compounds they make and the different types of molecules. The second semester will be focused on chemical reactions and balancing them, solving simple and more complex problems involving chemical reactions and thermodynamics, understanding the rate of reaction and the ways to control them.


Prerequisite: General Chemistry
Duration: 1 academic semester


This course will focus on the vast diversity of organic compounds, beginning with the simple hydrocarbons up to the complex aromatic hydrocarbons, carboxylic acids, amino acids and carbohydrates. We will explore the chemical activity of each subcategory, the characteristic chemical reactions they undergo and the bonds that give them their specific characteristics.

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